For custom Web Stores, we offer a comprehensive platform that encompasses the frontend (client-facing) site, the backend production (decoration), and fulfillment (shipping) services all in one.


How many designs and options can I offer?

-- What Ann Arbor Tees does best is take your existing popular designs and guide them to be compatible with on-demand Web Store production.

-- This is one reason we recommend starting with limited designs -- to gauge market interest before building and launching too many options. We find Web Stores are most successful when they have a focused vision for launch. Let us know if you have any design ideas in mind and we'd be happy to find the best decoration method!


What does it cost to have a permanent Web Store built?

-- Setup cost to build a custom Web Store is $250 for five base products + $25 per additional product. 

-- A product is defined as each unique Garment+Design combination. So if you have a Tank Top with Design #1 and a Sweatshirt with Design #1, those are considered unique product listings.

If I have my own existing e-commerce store, can I integrate your product offerings and backend fulfillment services?

-- Unfortunately at this time we do not offer outside integrations; we are only able to print and fulfill orders placed through our own Web Store interfaces. If you'd like to use your own system and order separately through our basic custom t-shirt uploader (designer.annarbortees.com) that's no problem -- but it does limit the products and production methods available, and is not considered a custom Web Store.

What decoration options do you offer?

-- Our on-demand decorating options are Digital Printing (allows you to print one at a time and avoid setup costs of the big screen printing presses) and Embroidery (stitched thread). 

-- If your designs start selling well, we reserve the right to switch to Transfer printing instead of Digital Printing. Transfer printing is the same ink as Screen Printing, but we produce many designs at once for individual application at the time of ordering. 

-- Each shirt is still produced on demand -- no preprinted stock.

What garments can I offer?

-- Most garments can be embroidered, including jackets, hats and bags. However, our digital printing machines do require 100% cotton garments.

What garment brands do you offer?

-- We work with a vast array of suppliers and brands, with hundreds of thousands of style offerings. Because of the ever-updating selections, unfortunately a central catalog is tricky. I suggest taking a peek at the Web Stores above to see some of our most popular garments!

-- We have lots of unique options! From organic... to recycled content... to hemp... to made in the USA. Let us know if you'd like us to limit quotes to any specific styles.

Do you offer storage or warehousing services?

-- At this time, we offer on-demand production and do not offer pick-and-pull or warehousing services. This avoids upfront costs for all parties. If you'd like a warehousing and shipping option, we recommend Amazon (where we do 80% of our own sales!)

Do you offer hard goods on permanent web stores?

-- At this time we do not offer hard goods such as mugs, tumblers, or office supplies on our permanent web stores. This is because hard goods have to be decorated in bulk by a third party, and so can't be produced in house for on-demand store orders.

-- If you are interested in learning more about hard good purchasing options, please reach out to our Sales Team (sales@annarbortees.com) for more information on a bulk order

How much does each product cost?

-- Pricing is based on the decoration method, number of decoration locations, and garment styles. Once our team has a chance to review your artwork submissions, we'd be happy to begin quoting products. 

-- If you have a budget range you'd like to stay within, let us know so that we can quote options that fit your needs.

What type of artwork files do you need?

-- In order to create clean and crisp decorations on your products, we require vector or high resolution (300dpi+) artwork files. Non-vector artwork is subject to artwork recreation fees. 

-- Let us know if you have questions about your logo files -- we’d be happy to take a look.

Where can I decorate my logo on each garment?

-- We have a standard set of decoration placement locations that are tried and true for good quality and consistent production for fast turnaround. We do not offer unconventional design placement on our on-demand web stores.

-- However, depending on your vision, our sales team (sales@annarbortees.com) can work with you to place a more unique custom order!

How much does shipping cost?

-- Shipping costs are calculated automatically on the Web Stores using live UPS and USPS Rates. We're happy to offer both Ground and Rush Shipping options. 

-- AATees does not charge a handling fee.

-- Please note that the current pandemic has affected some shipping carriers and we are currently not able to offer Rush turnaround times.

Can you use my packaging so orders look like they are coming from my company instead of Ann Arbor Tees?

-- All of our shipments are sent in standard poly mailers with the Ann Arbor T-shirt Company logo, website, and return mailing address. At this time we do not offer custom packaging, but are happy to support a great supply chain of vendors through our Ann Arbor Tees brand. You can learn more about our supply chain process here.

Can you add my company business cards or other giveaways into every order shipment?

-- At this time we do not offer custom inserts. It may be something we explore as our warehouse grows!

How do customers pay for their orders? Can I pay you later?

-- Each of our Web Stores collect payment in full at the time of purchasing. This means that you don't need to collect money or order details, we'll take care of that! 

-- We do not accept POs or deferred payment on any Web Store purchases.

-- However, we do offer Gift Certificates that allow your company to pay in advance for individual employee allotments. 

-- Please ask us today for more information about our Gift Certificate program.

How do I purchase a Gift Certificate?

-- At any time, you may request Gift Certificates by emailing us (webstores@annarbortees.com)

-- Our team will either set you up with a customized Gift Certificate program, or we can issue+bill single Gift Certificates for 

Can my custom Web Store be connected to the main Ann Arbor Tees website?

-- Each custom Web Store is independent and only available to people you share the link with. We're happy to help you link to the Web Store from a page on your existing static website.

-- We do not offer marketing services on our own website or social media accounts.


Do I get to call my store anything I want?

-- Yep, within reason! Your Store name is customizable and is only limited by character count and general sensitivities. The full URL syntax reads https://aatwebstore.com/YourCustomStoreName